Shapethings.com is the portfolio of freelance design director Eli Carrico.

For the past 16-years years, Eli has sought to bring a bold, colorful, optimistic and vibrant approach spanning an array of media– from web, to mobile, motion and branding.

Currently stationed in Los Angeles and actively seeking commissions or full-time employment.

View my LinkedIn profile for more specific history.


A non-exhaustive list of publications:

1 & 2 Color Graphics, Vol. 2; P.I.E. Books, Japan ISBN 4894440938

American Center for Design 100 Show: Vol 21; RotoVision ISBN 978-2880466060

Output 8; Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz ISBN 3-87439-684-3

STEP Inside Design; Jan/Feb 2006, Volume 22 Number 1

Flashback: Retro Design in Contemporary Graphics; Victionary, Hong Kong ISBN 978-9881732774

Computer Arts UK; Issue 159, March 2009

Computer Arts UK; Issue 164, August 2009

Plazm; Issue 30, 2010

Pop Psychedelic; Last Gasp, USA ISBN 978-0867197426


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